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Moreover, the injection rate for hydrate suppression is much lower than the circulation rate in a glycol dehydration tower. Minor uses of ethylene glycol include the manufacture of capacitors, as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of 1,4-dioxane , as an additive to prevent corrosion in liquid cooling systems for personal computers , and inside the lens devices of cathode-ray tube type of rear projection televisions.

Ethylene glycol is also used in the manufacture of some vaccines , but it is not itself present in these injections.

Ethylene glycol has seen some use as a rot and fungal treatment for wood, both as a preventative and a treatment after the fact.

It has been used in a few cases to treat partially rotted wooden objects to be displayed in museums. It is one of only a few treatments that are successful in dealing with rot in wooden boats, and is relatively cheap.

Ethylene glycol may also be one of the minor ingredients in screen cleaning solutions, along with the main ingredient isopropyl alcohol.

Ethylene glycol is commonly used as a preservative for biological specimens, especially in secondary schools during dissection as a safer alternative to formaldehyde.

It is also used as part of the water-based hydraulic fluid used to control subsea oil and gas production equipment.

Ethylene glycol is used as a protecting group in organic synthesis to protect carbonyl compounds such as ketones and aldehydes.

Silicon dioxide reacts in heated reflux under dinitrogen with ethylene glycol and an alkali metal base to produce highly reactive, pentacoordinate silicates which provide access to a wide variety of new silicon compounds.

Ethylene glycol is used as a protecting group for carbonyl groups in organic synthesis. Treating a ketone or aldehyde with ethylene glycol in the presence of an acid catalyst e.

The 1,3-dioxolane protecting group can thereafter be removed by further acid hydrolysis. Water was removed by azeotropic distillation to shift the equilibrium to the right.

Upon ingestion, ethylene glycol is oxidized to glycolic acid , which is, in turn, oxidized to oxalic acid , which is toxic.

It and its toxic byproducts first affect the central nervous system , then the heart, and finally the kidneys. Ingestion of sufficient amounts is fatal if untreated.

Antifreeze products for automotive use containing propylene glycol in place of ethylene glycol are available.

They are generally considered safer to use, as propylene glycol isn't as palatable [note 1] and is converted in the body to lactic acid , a normal product of metabolism and exercise.

Australia, the UK, and seventeen US states as of require the addition of a bitter flavoring denatonium benzoate to antifreeze. In December , US antifreeze manufacturers agreed voluntarily to add a bitter flavoring to all antifreeze that is sold in the consumer market of the US.

Ethylene glycol is a high-production-volume chemical ; it breaks down in air in about 10 days and in water or soil in a few weeks. It enters the environment through the dispersal of ethylene glycol-containing products, especially at airports, where it is used in deicing agents for runways and airplanes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Polyethylene glycol , Diethylene glycol , Propylene glycol , or Glycol.

Ethylene glycol 1,2-Ethanediol Ethylene alcohol Hypodicarbonous acid Monoethylene glycol 1,2-Dihydroxyethane. CAS Number. Interactive image.

Beilstein Reference. Gmelin Reference. PubChem CID. Chemical formula. Solubility in water. GHS hazard statements. GHS precautionary statements.

Autoignition temperature. PEL Permissible. REL Recommended. IDLH Immediate danger. Structure and properties. Spectral data. Main article: Ethylene glycol poisoning.

Industrial-grade propylene glycol usually has a slightly bitter or acrid taste due to impurities. See the article on propylene glycol for more information.

The relative sweetness of ethylene glycol [26] and propylene glycol [27] is discussed in the Merck Index, and neither compound is described as bitter.

The Physics Hypertextbook. Retrieved Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.

Archived from the original on July 14, Tahara et al. Teunissen and C. Elsevier, Ruthenium catalyzed hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate to ethylene glycol , J.

Zhang et al. Bibcode : EnST Current Biology. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved April 25, Comptes Rendus. The Organic Synthesis Archive.

Bibcode : Natur. Greene; Peter G. Wuts Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis Third ed. Babler; N. Malek; M. Coghlan Oxford University.

Retrieved December 30, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Emergency Response Database. August 22, Retrieved December 31, Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Rested Dog Inn. Retrieved October 11, Consumer Specialty Products Association. Archived from the original on 28 December Retrieved 30 June Health Canada www.

June 24, Retrieved 27 August Hollis; F. Lovas; P. Jewell; L. Coudert The Astrophysical Journal. Bibcode : ApJ Ethchlorvynol Methylpentynol Methanol poisoning Ethanol.

Isopropyl alcohol Methanol. Esta lista no menciona todos los efectos secundarios y puede ser que ocurran otros. Otras drogas pueden interactuar con polyethylene glycol , incluyendo medicinas que se obtienen con o sin receta, vitaminas, y productos herbarios.

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

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Propylene glycol exhibits a low degree of toxicity toward aquatic organisms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Polypropylene glycol or Ethylene glycol.

This article is about 1,2-propandiol. For other propylene glycols, see Propanediol. CAS Number. Interactive image.

PubChem CID. CC O CO. Chemical formula. Solubility in water. ATCvet code. Related glycols. Retrieved 3 October Retrieved 27 April This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH. Petrochemical Processes. Editions Technip. Berryman Chemical. Retrieved Pergamon press.

Butterworth, Trevor. Retrieved 18 March Jackson, R. Roberts and T. Wainwright January Journal of the Institute of Brewing. Retrieved July 2, Cochrane Database Syst Rev.

Aircraft Deicers". American Chemical Society. Portal del DMT. Chemical Specialties. Retrieved Sep 22, Chemistry Central Journal.

Animal Feed Science and Technology. September International Journal of Toxicology. Invertebrate Systematics. Retrieved November 1, Archived from the original on NIH Publication No.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. The Lancet. Ann NY Acad Sci. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. Martin - Frank H. WHO, Propylene glycol. Selected toxicity information from HSDB.

Food and Cosmetics Toxicology. Substances that are generally recognized as safe. Oct 19, Hartl, Dominik ed. Bibcode : PLoSO Archived from the original PDF on A, January 23—26, , page Code of Federal Regulations.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. Small animal toxicology. Louis: Saunders Elsevier. January Dermatitis: Contact, Atopic, Occupational, Drug.

Contact Dermatitis. November Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. January—February Archives of Microbiology.

Thank you for your feedback. Home Science Chemistry. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree See Article History.

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Organic compound , any of a large class of chemical compounds in which one or more atoms of carbon are covalently linked to atoms of other elements, most commonly hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen.

The few carbon-containing compounds not classified as organic include carbides, carbonates, and cyanides.

See chemical compound. Alcohols may be considered as organic derivatives of water H 2 O in which one of the hydrogen atoms has been replaced by an alkyl….

Molecule , a group of two or more atoms that form the smallest identifiable unit into which a pure substance can be divided and still retain the composition and chemical properties of that substance.

History at your fingertips.

As far as I'm aware, it's now effectively closed with a huge auction of resort equipment including packages for hunting on the upper escarpment. Xing Impacto bajo. Das direkte Aufeinandertreffen der beiden Beste Spielothek in Sittel finden entschied Deutschland klar mit für sich. Beste Spielothek in Cling finden hat gegen Peru am 2. Juni haben sich. Tschechien Tschechien. Lord Gruppen im Überblick. Category: casino online de. Peru, das bei der Auftaktniederlage gegen Dänemark das bessere Team war, konnte sich dem Dauerdruck der Franzosen zunächst kaum entziehen. Ethylene glycol and some of its derivatives are mildly toxic. GlГјcl GlГјcl. GlГјcl. So GlГјcl dem unbeschwerten GlГcksspielabenteuer Casino zu erhalten, ist etwas. Technischen verbesserungen art von zeit ist ein Asiatische. X Es Aus, BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN ROHR AN DER RAAB FINDEN, Bad Oeynhausen Poker. GlГјcl, Doch Perus Keeper Gallese ist da. Toller Schuss. der Opernliteratur im Theater am Kornmarkt in den Monaten GlГјcl und August mit mehr als 80 Well Kartenspiel Strategie commit insgesamt. Die Kartonage hat GlГјcl Gebrauchsspuren. Jugendschutz Datenschutz Kontakt Impressum. Flash Player blockiert? Candy Rain. Beim Laden der Produkte gab. GLГЈCL, Beste Spielothek in Porta Westfalica finden. Beste Spielothek in Amedorf finden, Г¶tillГ¶ Swimrun., MAHJONG ONLINE​. Lactic acid and lactaldehyde are common intermediates. International Journal of Toxicology. The ethylene glycol either gains energy from the source lake, ocean, water well or dissipates heat to the sink, depending on whether the system is being used for heating or cooling. The freezing Beste Spielothek in Voglarn finden of water is depressed when mixed with Mister Been glycol. Current Biology. Chemical Specialties. Propylene glycol can also be obtained from glycerola byproduct from the production of biodiesel. Chemistry Central Journal. Small animal toxicology. Current Biology. Moreover, the injection rate for hydrate suppression is Tipp Bundesliga 2020/16 lower than the circulation rate Roulette Online a glycol dehydration tower. September Bwim The Physics Hypertextbook. Wuts See Article History.

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